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2005 Ends

Well, I guess this is pretty much it. I’ve got a few hours until we head up to our neighbors for a good ol’ new years party, and with K2 Beta Two is out the door and not falling entirely apart, I figured I’d spend some of the time between now and then to just write the obligatory ‘the year that went’ entry.

Personal Developments

2005 was a great year for many different reasons. But most notably perhaps, Rikke and I moved into our new apartment, with great neighbors and a premium location, which really allowed us to enjoy Copenhagen much more than previously. And enjoy it we have. Copenhagen is a fantastic city, I truly love it and can’t wait for spring to roll around again.

And speaking of personal stuff, 2005 also marks the 10th anniversary of Rikke and I.

On a downnote, I lost my maternal grandmother to cancer in April, a few days before my birthday and attended her funeral on my birthday. As funerals go, it was good, and I was lucky enough to get to say goodbye to her before she died.

I had the great fortune of speaking about Open Source Design at reboot7, a Danish conference on technology, and I very much enjoyed it. Putting a personality behind names like Cory Doctorow, Doc Searls, Robert Scoble, Ben Hammersley and so on and so forth. It had a tremendous impact on me.

And speaking of meeting up with people, Joen, Brian and I met up with Matt when he was in Copenhagen. A good day, I hope we can have some more of those.

And speaking more of meeting with people, I got to meet Bono, which was great, even if Billetlugen fucked up the U2 concert in Denmark for us.

And speaking of concerts, I took Rikke to a Seal Concert and she took me to a Rammstein and Slayer concert, both of which were great experiences. In January we’ll be going to our first Depeche Mode concert

2005 was also the year where my PC was finally retired, replaced by a Mac mini with a 20” cinema display.

Uh, and now that we’re celebrating consumerism, I bought myself a PSP and an iPod Shuffle… Ehm… Now you know. Uh, and a fantastic Mucha print.

I also had the fortune of going through the worst pain I’ve ever experienced, which spiraled into a root-canal of epic proportions. I never did follow up on that, but it’s a long harrowing story of a dentist from hell and my mouth.

And finally, I wrote part of a book called Blog Design Solutions, which means I’ll get my name on Amazon. That’s kinda cool.

Binary Bonsai

Binary Bonsai had its two-year blogging anniversary in mid-March, and it’s been quite a tumultuous year. Freya was introduced in late 2004 (the ID for the freya dissection entry is 1337!), and lived happily on the B for most of the winter and spring of 2005, only to see some changes in the early summer of 2005. And if that wasn’t enough, as soon as August rolled around, Invader started stirring. Invader is still stirring, but it’s nearing the end. I’m looking forward to writing the post-mortem on the design process. I can say that I’ve had great success with my move from Taxonomy to Folksonomy

Another thing happened in August, and that was official confirmation that Binary Bonsai is no longer part of the long tail, but actually up there. At least according to Technorati, where Binary Bonsai peaked at 8th place (a few days before) on their top 100 list, only to be removed due to Kubrick’s influence. Currently Binary Bonsai is listed with a Technorati Rank of 6. And then of course I topped out on the list of famous Danes according to Google. I was even offered money for Binary Bonsai, but declined with no remorse. And then of course Binary Bonsai spawned its own OS X dashboard widget.

And to top it off, I moved Binary Bonsai into Media Temple on July 1st. And it’s been a great experience.

I really like what I’m doing here, and I hope to see 2006 become even better.

Kubrick and K2

Kubrick has been very kind to me, let’s just put it that way.

I release my last piece of Kubrick code on February 2nd, and 13 days later it was released with WordPress 1.5 as the new default theme.

On March 4th, I said, in all seriousness:

In regards to K2, which is now the official name for Kubrick 2, it needs about a week’s intensive work before it’s ready. That’s my approximation anyway, though when I’ll have the time to do it, who knows? #

Well, it’s 9 months later, and we’re still not done, so I guess I was slightly off on that one. But to be fair, K2 has grown immensely since then, and has really come into its own. We’ve still got a few neat tips and tricks up our sleeve on this one, so stay tuned.

Blogging and WordPress

I was lucky enough to coax Jonas Rabbe into create Live Archives based on some ideas I had. Since then Arnaud has picked it up and turned it into the splendid Extended Live Archives.

In February I joined the Shuttle program, a project started by Khaled to improve the WordPress admin. It’s still not done, but we hope to nail it for WordPress 2.1. You can see a few of the things in WordPress 2.0, but it’s nowhere near where we had wanted it to be yet.

Of course I also joined other things in 2005. I finally caved in and “joined 9rules in early December:http://binarybonsai.com/archives/2005/12/06/serendipity/ and yet another Khaled project, Inksmith in mid-November.


And then the war against spam, or should I say the war against anti-spam took flight. None of the solutions I’ve tried have worked, with the singular exception of Matt’s brainchild, Akismet. Though to be honest, it’s quite a bother that I have to get myself a WordPress.com account to use it.

Another anti-spam measure which saw the light of day was the use of nofollow, which was thankfully soon countered with the dofollow plugin.


Through a coworker, I got my hands on The Soundtrack for Flashback. And while in the nostalgia corner, I also wrote what remains one of my own favorite entries of the year, It’s Another World. And speaking of my favorite entries, I also wrote a rather long and perhaps quite pointless entry, which nonetheless is also one of my favorite entries of the year, namely Daydreaming of Worlds Unseen.

But I got to do more than muse about games, as we went to E3 in LA back in May. And while we were in the US, my mate Poulsen and I (whom you will hear more from in the year to come, think about that), flew up to San Francisco and visited Pixar. A memory I keep close to me.

Favorite game of 2005 is probably Battlefield 2, even though I haven’t had the chance to play it as much as I’d have liked (the downside of being a Mac user).


I watched many movies in this past year; not that that’s different from other years. I didn’t get around to reviewing quite as many as I had wanted, but I did review a few: Alexander, King Kong, Metropolis,

And then of course I swooned over Battlestar Galactica (the best part about New Years is that we’re one step closer to the second part of the second season!) and wallowed in Forbidden Planet nostalgia and Plan 9 From Outer Space goodness.

Rikke, Anna Vera (one of our neighbors) and I sat through all 12-13 hours of Lord of the Rings and loved it!

All the Rest

I started the year with a look back at the sites I had run before Binary Bonsai, and telling you The Sky is the Limit. Then I created a film masterpiece called Octopus Attack! and I asked Apple to Save iPhoto (while applauding them for being crazy).


It was a very good year throughout, and I’d like to just extend a particular thank you to Chris, who’s been a great aid on K2 and a good friend. To all the people who frequent the K2 support forum, you guys don’t know how much time you’ve saved me in 2005! To the Shuttle team; we’ll knock it out of the park in 2006! To Rikke of course for being everything I could ever want. To people at work who keep me young. To all the ones I forgot, you know who you are. And to you for reading this, I hope you’ve enjoyed 2005, and that you’ll stick around in 2006.

Here’s to 2006, the year I finish more projects than I start!