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When even the downs were bigger ups than most ups, you know you led a pretty badass life in 2010. I won’t bore you with the details, except to say that if 2011 turns out to be half the year 2010 was, it’ll make 2009 its bitch. And given that we suddenly find ourselves in New York, it’s looking pretty good.

Needless to say — which is a lie, because otherwise I’d have no way to start this paragraph — my writing has tapered off over the past year. Again. But it’s well in line with the promise I made myself to care more about the quality, than the quantity. A strategy that paid off several times, most notably when I profiled everyones favorite wookiee of course, a subject about which I’ve got a thing or two more to say in the coming year. More than two things in fact.

In trying to focus on writing things that can last, or at least be really good for the time in which they manage to have appeal, I’ve skipped writing many an entry, most often on tech, most often about the iPad, iOS, because… Well, look around. You can’t walk down the street without kicking entries about tech, and more specifically about the iOS. And Android. And it’s interesting; I read it of course. But a few years ago, those were subjects still covered by a few small-time nerds and a few big-time columnists; now you can’t open the paper, turn on the TV or ‘J’ through Google Reader without being assaulted by opinion and rumor pieces left and right.

Clytus, I’m bored.

Write about iOS, or Android or whatever floats your boat. But do it in your own way, or about something no one else is paying attention to. If you’re just piping up in the hopes of catching some spill-over traffic… What’re you doing?

And the second thing, which has weighed on me for the last few months, since I first started the project of which the Chewie piece happened to be a spin-off, is one of observing precision and discipline in research and writing. This happens to be the case with any kind of writing, especially tech-writing, but certainly also something as seemingly niche and nerdy as Star Wars, as it were. If you can read this, you’ve got access to the internet. If you’ve got internet access, you’ve got no reason to regurgitate hearsay, unfounded rumors and ridiculous myths. Half the troubles in the world stem from doing just that, and given that we live in the age of information, not disinformation, it’s about time we start manning, or womanning, up and getting down with some research.

Happy new year you. Now go forth and conquer.