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A $50 Message

Maybe App.net will become something great, maybe it won't; I'm really fine either way. I don't want to leave Twitter as much as give it a wake up call, of the R. Lee Ermey variety.

For a company which has consistently reaped the benefits of its developer community to the extent as Twitter has, it seems completely ludicrous for it to then turn around and squash that self-same community without once thinking: "Hey, wait a minute, where is our innovation supposed to come from now?"

After all, while Twitter is filled to the brim with smart people, I can't quite figure out what they do. There have been great architecture improvements over the years; the fail whale is today an endangered species. But I don't mean to be an ass when I ask you to consider how rarely the desktop and iPad clients are updated, or when they last introduced a useful new featureā€¦

The first desktop and mobile clients were third party, the @ mentions, the word 'tweet' was third party, #-tags and RT syntaxes were 'third party', search was bought from a third party if I'm not mistaken and the Twitter logo itself was first made for a third-party client!

If one were an ass, one might be tempted to ask if Twitter is even capable of innovation from inside its walls?

So I give my $50 to App.net not because I really want to use it over Twitter, but because I hope that it sends a message to a company which has completely lost its way.

Michael Heilemann
Twitter User #11656

PS: How many hundreds of employees does it take to do something as stupidly simple as sync unread counts across clients?