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A batch of movie reviews

Here’s a bunch of movie reviews, Google has any information you might need about them.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
I was quite surprised after having seen it, at how much criticism it has received. Personally I found it to be rather entertaining overall. Sure the effects were… Well not too good in places, though the work CineSite did on Hyde was pretty. Definetly worth a couple of hours. (Danish cinematographer, weee)

Tomb Raider 2
Better than the first one; still a piece of shit. Garnering only slight redemption from the blasphemous use of a wetsuit a few sizes to small. Maybe if their spent their money on writers instead of their PR campaign they would have some dignity to go with their profits.

Dark Water
I’m quite sad to see the recently blossoming Japanese horror industry succumb the same tendencies as Hollywood. In other words: If you’ve seen one Japanese horror movie, you’ve seen them all. I love the ‘scenic’ shots of the condensed urban settings that Japan seems to have plentiful of, but then again maybe that’s why you all the films seem so alike. Either way Dark Water fails to redeem itself in the screenplay, though the acting is overall fairly good, especially from the daughter. I just wish there was some ulterior motive to it all.

A Clockwork Orange
Being something of a latecomer to the works of Kubrick, I must admit that I was slightly disappointed by Clockwork, especially when compared to the infallible perfection of 2001. It certainly did have its moments though and I guess that it has lost part of its potency over the years as media – and the world it seems at times – in general has become more and more violent. Which I suppose is a tribute to the conceptual brilliance of the film itself. So… enough said. (Worth your time).

À la Folie… Pas du Tout (He Loves Me… He Loves Me Not)
How can you not like Audrey Tauto after Jeunet’s Amélie? It’s hard not to anyway and reason enough to give this, her latest outing, a run for its money. And overall it’s an interesting sort of backwards way of doing things. Definitely worth my time and probably worth yours as well; think of it as Amélie goes psycho).

Mystic River
Overrated. I’m sorry, but that’s how I have to start out. It’s not that Mystic River is a bad movie, not at all in fact. No, it’s actually a very good movie with some phenomenal acting and some very nice cinematography and lighting. Overall a respectable and even commendable piece of craftsmanship. But it’s been getting way too much praise from the critics in my humble opinion. If I hadn’t known better (well it doesn’t take place in Maine), I would’ve guessed it to be a Stephen King adaptation. But yes, definitely worth your time, though you might find the last 10 minutes to be a) too long and b) entirely out of place and c) not relevant.

Arrr, I had looked forward to this back before it was released. Kershner is after all the man behind one of the esteemed original pieces of the Star Wars trilogy (though he has a lot of crap under his belt, like RoboCop 2). Alas it was shot down in a hail of fire during release and rightly so. I don’t even know what to say about the ending… What – the – hell – where – you – thinking!?

Well it’s not that it’s a bad movie, but it’s just sort of bleh. It feels like a watered down David Lynch flick. And I feel sorry saying that since it’s a Danish director, but there you have it.

Mein leben. This is Science Fiction when it’s absolutely perfect. Thank you Soderbergh.

Die Hard 3
What the fuck?... I mean… Seriously, what the fuck?

Life or Something Like It
Could have been surprisingly good, but lost all its potency due to, what seems like lack of courage. Degrades itself into some 80’s like ‘woman be strong, conquer odds’-type flick. Almost, just almost, worth your time.

Quite funny, a good Christmas movie, though the bar is set fairly low already (Home Alone anyone?), so I guess that doesn’t say much. Worth your time if it’s Christmas and you’ve already seen Die Hard.

Blah. Stop wasting my God Damn Time!

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle
Too much, too loud, too stupid, too ‘tihi, we’re so liberal and we like to dance’-like. This is the crud that they throwing their money after in Hollywood? Give me a goddamn break! The trailer almost had me fooled for a minute, but in the end there is absolutely nothing to see here, except if you’re looking for a moving FMV magazine.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn
Over-Rated! If this is the best Star Trek movie ever, and most Trekkies will have you believe that it is, then Trekkies have lower standards than I thought. Admittedly it’s an old film and all, but I don’t even know where to begin criticizing this film (though Kahn’s hair would be a good bet). He thinks 2D? That’s the brilliant plan? Throw me a friggin’ bone here!

O Brother Where Art Thou?
Brilliant in every damn way! Seriously, if a movie can make bluegrass seem like a good idea, then what’s not to like? And the cinematography, pure genius. I love the dialogue! I’m not normally much of a Coen fan, but I must admit that O Brother has a special place in my heart.

Shawshank Redemption
Slightly soppy at times, this is nonetheless an absolute masterpiece in filmmaking. Great performances all around and a great script (or should I say book?). If you have an ounce of sentimentality then it’s hard not to love this.

Beneath the Valley of the Ultravixens
Well if you’re not squeamish about nudity, sex, big big breasts and sex, then you’ll probably have great fun with this. If you are, then stay clear!!