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A Day Like Today


In an apparent attempt to compensate for its absence, the sun has decided to bring its full strength to bear on a Copenhagen in dire need of some revitalising after an eternity half a year of drab grey skies.

I went to Fantask, our local geek store and picked up Hellboy: Seed of Destruction as well as, quite shamelessly, a new Zits (Crack of Noon). Really I should have started collecting Hellboy a long time ago; I hang my head in shame.

While I was there, I stumbled onto issue 4 of The Walking Dead, and suddenly remembered that I had bought issue 3 a while back, but never got around to reading it (I started reading Walking Dead last year).

With Rikke at work, I hunkered up on our bed with a Coke, some chokolate and a friendly warm ray sunshine to keep me company.

I finished the first of the two Akira volumes I’d gotten yesterday from Amazon. And despite wanting so badly to read the second as well, I don’t want to waste it away just like that. Even though it ain’t easy! I guess I’ll have to get the remaining four volumes one of these days.

So I read me some Walking Dead 3 instead, drank some coke, lounged in the sun with the occasional gentle breeze from the open windows letting me know that while this may seem like a good day, it is nothing compared to the summer lying ahead.

Now, what might you be up to a day like today?