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A New Look

I’m not going to make a big splash here, but I’ve activated ahead of time, the design I’ve been working on, mostly because I grew bored with the previous one faster than I thought I would. As you can see, this one is quite low-key and set entirely in Helvetica Neue, with exception of the header logo of course, which I drew in Photoshop one sunny sunday a couple of weeks back.

I wanted a more ‘serious’, almost book-like feel for the site, to complement my writing—and to be honest, to lend it some seriousness I can’t manage to bring to the table on my own—and hopefully this design manages to do something along those lines.

It is however a work in progress, but as usual I don’t have the time just now to get everything up and running as I want it; yet another case of me being better at dreaming up ideas than coding them up. And as such, it’s got plenty of errors, and some of the recent entries have hardcoded widths for videos and what not (thanks Flash), don’t worry, life goes on.

I hope you like it.