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A Quick Monolith Update

I’m back from Rome in one piece, albeit paradoxically now in serious need of a vacation. Touristing it is hard work.

Just before I left, a few thing happened in relation to Habari and Monolith, which I didn’t find the time to comment on, but which may be of interest to those of you following the progress of these two projects.

First of all, I was cordially invited to become a member of the Habari cabal, which—roughly speaking—grants me access to the trunk of the subversion repository for Habari as well as voting rights in discussions on the in- or exclusion of for instance plugins, themes and any other such matter.

This is really helpful in fact, because where the Monolith codebase had previously existed on its own branch in the subversion repository, it was recently rolled right into the trunk. A gutsy move, which I think started paying itself off almost immediately, as the patches have been continually pouring in since then (and I’ve been keeping track of them from my iPhone while in Rome).

I’ve hardly even had the chance to play with it myself, let alone contribute any code; but I’m excited as hell at the prospect of having a fully functional Monolith in the very foreseeable future.

I’ll try and keep the updates flowing as work progresses, though you are of course more than welcome to try it on for size.