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About Those Star Wars Blu-Rays

I don’t have anything good to say about the yet-another-round-of-unnecessary-updates Lucas has decided to go with for the new Star Wars blu-ray set; in fact I think Michael Kaminski said it best:

It’s not the quality of work, it’s the quality of ideas. You have Jar Jar being farted on in TPM and its rendered in state-of-the-art theatrical quality CG, but it’s still Jar Jar being farted on. #

At least Lucas’s old buddy Spielberg is a little more cued into his audience:

ET Blu-Ray: It’s coming. Spielberg said he wanted to poll the audience. He asked us if there was anybody in the crowd that would be disappointed if the 2002 Special Edition was not included on the Blu, if it was only the original 1982 version. He was greeted with a roaring “No!” from the crowd and said, “Well, that settles it then.” So, he strongly implied the ET Blu-Ray will be the original theatrical cut only and not even include the gun-less, penis breath-less CGI’d ET version.

On the ET SE: Spielberg said he let the immense criticism from parent groups after the theatrical release of ET get to him, which is what prompted the guns being taken out and the removal of the penis-breath line. He admitted that was a mistake and that he realized after the fact that changing the movie was “robbing the people of their memories of the movie.” He had a very hard time with that and said he confirmed what he told me in our interview that you won’t see any more digital tinkering in future releases of his films.

And at least ET was always available, even on DVD, in its original theatrical release, as pristine as the Special Edition, which can’t be said for the abysmal Star Wars theatrical release on DVD, which was quite frankly an insult.