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Yesterday Afternoon

Yesterday I sent Rikke off to a party and hunkered down in front of my MBP to get some work done. Not content to let Gozer, my newly acquired iPad sit unused next to Vinz Glortho, my iPhone, I ran a couple of video podcasts on it, since most days I can’t seem to find time or in more practical terms actual screen real estate, 27 inches regardless, to do so.

I ended up watching The Big Web show at around the time my internals started sending signals up through the system along the lines of: “Hey moron, you know food? Have some, why don’t you…”

So I walked the iPad into the kitchen, docked on the kitchen counter, nearly flush against the wall, listening to sage usability testing advice while I got out and prepared a particularly scrumptious left-over burrito, of which I should have tweeted a photo, because after all that’s why we—we being someone else—built the internet.

Once I had finished messing up the kitchen counter, being a man’s man and all, I moved burrito and iPad in tandem to the table and proceeded to reenact a less trance-like and considerably less well-designed version of Dave Bowman chowing down.

Then I threw myself on the couch like the slob I also am, finishing The Big Web Show. Then I may have nodded off for a short while. But when I woke, I checked some feeds, answered an e-mail and bought Invincible #60 and read that.

Then I updated my Things todo list for the project I was working on, wrote a draft e-mail to the client and went back to… ehm.. continued working at the MBP.

The assholes were right, this thing is worthless. Especially without the camera.

I should’ve bought a netbook.