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...And Along Came Squarespace

A few months ago, Anthony, the founder of Squarespace, asked me to fly out to New York to meet with him and a few others about a possible job; a very tempting offer, but at the time unrealizable due to circumstance.

Last wednesday we shut the door on our empty apartment in Copenhagen, left the keys in the mailbox and boarded a plane to Newark, all of our necessary belongings neatly packed into as many bags as you can fit into the back of a Lincoln town car, now effectively homeless.

Everything’s a momentary blur, but as reality and the practical measures of moving settles again, hopefully soon, I’ll be stepping into my new role as Interface Director at Squarespace and a new life here in The Big Apple.

In the scheme of things, it has been simultaneously one of the hardest, and one of the easiest decisions we’ve ever had to make. On the one hand existing obligations, jobs, friends and family, not to mention a place to call home and a daily routine are not easily shed. Yet on the other, a chance to try something entirely different, to have a go at the dream of living in roots of the worlds most iconic skyline and in a sense to try an alternate reality — if only for a time — and certainly not least, to have the opportunity to work for a company I have long admired, and which over the last couple of months, as I met with the people behind it, solidified as a force to be reckoned with, a mentality straight out of my most livid day dream and a collection of people the likes of which you’d be lucky to meet in passing, if at all.

Of course, a disruption like this doesn’t spring to life without sacrifice and broken plans, and we owe much to friends and business partners for their understanding and support. But here, at the tail end of it, it seems it wasn’t much of a decision at all as much as it was coming to the realization that we couldn’t not do this.

Which leaves us here, on the 10th floor of a Soho hotel bordering Tribeca, almost in eye-shot of the Squarespace offices, starting our scavenger hunt for a new home, and a life in the big city.

Pinch me.