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And, Exhale

The lack of chronicling from our recently wrapped three-week roadtrip through 3500 miles of magnificient US countryside and cities isn’t from lack of wanting to bore you to death with the details; but between a whirlwind trip to see various parts of the family trees and a waterlanding of a ‘back to work’ start, in which I managed to get the cold before lunch was served, time and energy has taken a toll.

Our trip took us from San Francisco to Yosemite, King’s Canyon, Seqoia, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, up Highway 1 and finally back to San Francisco again where we, ready for three more weeks, sadly departed all too soon.

It was, amazing. An experience of a lifetime. Two in fact. To explain it, to show pictures from it or write about it, cannot do it justice. I won’t bore you with hyperbole, but it was everything we had hoped for, and a lot more.

But it would not have been all that it was, were it not for Tara (and Leslie), Tina and Kate, and of course the good Mr. Rubin, a thousand thanks. You all made our trip an unforgettable adventure.

Also, thank you all, who over the last year or two have been throwing advice and tips at me on Twitter and here on BB. We tried to adhere to as many of them as we could along the way.

And yes, I was scared shitless when I first rolled the Mustang convertible we had rented onto the South San Franciscean freeway, and no, there is literally no way to prepare you for LA traffic. Yes, we had lunch at Pixar and at Skywalker Ranch, how cool is that? Yes, I teared up—as I always do when I hear it—when John Williams conducted the Los Angeles Philharmonics through the Main Title from E.T. under a fullmoon at the Hollywood Bowl, and yes, the sunrise in Monument Valley is perhaps the most stunning sight I’ve ever beheld.

And yes, I have photos, in multitudes. Some we uploaded as we went along, but there are more to go. I tried twittering from time to time, but between the road, sightseeing and sleep, there wasn’t a lot of Michael to go around. Hopefully I’ll be able to remedy that over the coming months.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a lingering cold to fight.