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Appease Eyjafjallajökull, Sacrifice Gizmodo

Because I so enjoy the showmanship that Apple seems to have a market monopoly on these days, I’m always disappointed when upcoming products are ‘spoiled’ ahead of time. It’s part of the image that Apple has built for themselves; their secrecy isn’t merely a matter of protecting their ideas before they can act on them, it’s just as much a marketing tool and a narrative device.

But where spoiling the surprise is annoying and the spoiler acting like a retard about it, is regrettable. Wrecking a mans life on your propensity for more pageviews? That’s somewhere in the outer regions between ignorant, selfish, disingenuous and plain ol’, straight-up, head-on, praise-Satan, Temple-of-Doom-Kali-Ma, Evil.

The fact that that particular ‘article’, if you want to call it that, had all the hallmarks of wanting to walk in the shoes of the kinds of ‘in the moment’ pieces that more established and honorable publications carry with grace, only made it so much worse. What sickening tripe.

I hope Apple steps up and buries Gizmodo in more legal trouble than they ever dreamed of.

‘Journalistic integrity’, spell it bitch! I said spell it!