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Apple Retail Stores Apparently Kick Ass

“Sorry Steve, Here’s Why Apple Stores Won’t Work,” BusinessWeek wrote with great certainty in 2001. “It’s desperation time in Cupertino, Calif.,” opined TheStreet.com. “I give [Apple] two years before they’re turning out the lights on a very painful and expensive mistake,” predicted retail consultant David Goldstein.

Fascinating story about the Apple retail stores, from the ‘Apple is doomed!’ (the way it always starts), through the development cycle of designing the stores, through to how the Apple stores are now America’s best retailer. (via)

“Our stores were conceived and built for this moment in time – to roll out iPhone,” says Jobs, summoning one to the table with a tantalizing I’ve-got-the-future-in-my-pocket twinkle.

I’ve only been to a small store in Santa Monica, and it was quite pleasant. Good thing we don’t have any around Copenhagen, or I’d probably go broke…