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Apple Support

Over the last few weeks I’ve had both my Powerbook G4 and my 3G iPod 20GB in for repairs. And there seems to be a lot of people who’re interested in hearing how my experiences with Apple Support have been, and how that whole thing actually works.

What you do is, you call up Apple Support. Most of my calls have been great, and I’ve talked to really nice people who took the time needed to help me, and even walked me through a range of things that had a chance of fixing the Firewire problem I was having with the Powerbook. Obviously it didn’t work, but it was nonetheless nice to be dealt with in a proper manner.

When it comes time to send in the device, Apple UPS’s you a box with the necessary papers and instructions, and all you have to do is place the faulty device in the box, and call back UPS. That’s it… They’ll pick it up, and while it’s gone you can track the progress of the repairs from Apple Support page.

My Powerbook was back in 4 days flat, and mind you it had to take a roundtrip to the Netherlands, where it most likely had its logic board replaced. Mr. iPod took a few days more, but in a little over a week I’ve now got a brand spanking new replacement.

So that’s how easy it is… I was pretty apprehensive about sending in my things, as horror stories have a tendency to flourish, but I won’t blink the next time I need to have anything repaired, that’s for sure.