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Backing Firefox

Firefox IconIn an effort to truly celebrate the release of Firefox 1.0 next month, the Mozilla organization is taking out a full page ad in the New York Times. Their initial goal was to have 2500 people donate $30 in 10 days, to raise the money that such an ad costs.

It’s on day two, and over 2800 people have already donated, some with a lot more than $30 I’d wager. Being A Champion of the Internet, I decided to put my money where my mouth was. Between this and my super-sized t-shirt (which Rikke uses as a nightgown… Yes, I do realize how lucky I am!), I feel pretty good about this:

Would you please take a closer look at OS X soon? Work a little with the Camino guys if you have to. I think it’s worth considering that while Windows may hold a considerably larger market share, the OS X crowd are notoriously Internet minded…

Now I dont’ have my panties in a bunch on this one, there are luckily plenty of good browsers on OS X, but at least this gives me a place to collect the many small annoyancy issues. So just to sum up:

  • Doesn’t respect the dock. When new windows are opened, their bottom will drop underneath the dock, unlike for instance Safari.
  • Hidden window still shows up in Exposé!
  • No native widgets.
  • Cmd-M doesn’t minimize, but starts a new mail.
  • Input field keyboard navigation isn’t true to OS X.
  • Ctrl-Tab to change tabs is nice and all, but on OS X you’d be better off with the Safari standard: Cmd-Shift-Arrow, or simply Cmd-Arrow, like Adium
  • Doesn’t use proper OS X dialoges (sheets), relying instead on Windows like independent windows.
  • Close button should be on each tab, not at the end of the tab row… It’s confusing and prone to error.

Either way, I’ll have to find a place that carries The New York Times here in Copenhagen so that I can get a look at that ad myself. Pin it on my office wall, right next to this.