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Battlestar Exodus

Like Khaled and Matt (spoilers galore, stand clear!), I guess I really should also chime in with some praise for the fourth episode of Battlestar Galactica of this, the third season. Spoilers ohoy!

While I was very surprised that they didn’t milk New Caprica for more story (budgetary restraints and the like), there is one single scene in the fourth episode, which more than makes up for it all. I’ve got some friends who are bound to read this (shu!), but for those of you who’ve seen it, you know the one I’m talking about.

How they manage to make it all work, while constantly veering the chasm of ‘rushedness’ is something of a feat really. Because in all honesty, the show often feels like it could’ve used some more time before and during production (I’ve got no beef with their post-production work). But they always manage to pull it together and really get me. Despite the fact, that when I look at series like Lost (which I also love, love, love), it’s clear that they are much more in control of things.

But yeah, I would’ve preferred the occupation and resistance of New Caprica to have lasted at least half a season. Or at least 6 episodes, so we could really get a sense of the troubles they were going through. It seems like such a waste to have the series take a drastic turn like the ending of season 2, only to see an almost complete reset within the first four episode of the new season. Obviously there’ll be a lot of residual stuff from New Caprica in this season, but still…

All said and done, I’m still head over heels for BSG.