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Best Movie Poster of 2007

I’ve got a healthy interest in movie posters. Over at Internet Movie Poster Awards, they’ve revealed their top 5 posters of 2007. And while I tend to think they made some alright choices, we’re perhaps not entirely in sync on the details.

Now I agree with Black Snake Moan, even if the poster didn’t match the movie (which is worth seeing). And the Zodiac poster is pretty cool too, though not quite as a cool as the director’s cut DVD cover. Premonition is a beautiful poster, but Sweeney Todd I don’t really know about. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t do anything for me either (guess which poster they chose as numero uno?).

But, why choose the double-bill poster for Grindhouse, when the individual posters are infinitely cooler. Two characters posters from Planet Terror:

Planet Terror

Planet Terror

Not to mention this piece of art from Death Proof, easily one of the best posters in recent years:

Death Proof

As well as this variant:

Death Proof

And as a double bill poster for Grindhouse, I’ve gotta say I prefer this to the one they picked, but hey:

Grindhouse Double Bill Poster

Not to mention Machete, though strictly speaking, that’s not a movie… yet:


And while the final poster= for The Invasion isn’t worth mention, the teaser poster is one brilliant piece of marketing (and it didn’t even make the teaser list):


And of course the gorgeously filmed and acted, though somewhat climatically crippled epic of Elisabeth: The Golden Age:

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

I would also list Smokin’ Aces, which had some downright awesome posters in its portfolio, but while IMPAwards has it listed in its 2007 catalogue, it’s a 2006 movie according to IMDB:

Smokin' Aces

Oh, and let’s not forget 28 Weeks Later (a surprisingly effective followup):

28 Weeks Later

And not that I argue the choice to leave them out, but honorable mentions to to this Bourne poster for its badditude and Michael Clayton and Gone Baby Gone for their stylishness.

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