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Bitesize lifestyle escapsim

Okay I admit. I’m a closet life-style addict. I love Apple’s hardware ads (though I’m a bit dubious about their switch ads). Whether I’ve become that particular kind of consumer because of those ads, or those ads happen to be so well tuned that they hit me I don’t know. But I want to buy all their stuff and hook up my future (scandinavian designed and furnished) penthouse with it.

All this of course I’ve already revealed in the longest post ever.

But I just wanted to talk about another kind of ‘bitsize lifestyle’ that I like, I came to think about it today in the gym when VH1 was throwing a Kylie vs J Lo music video battle. The amount of time and effort that goes into making this two chicks look hot is just crazy. And I don’t mean that in any cruel way, I used to but now I sorta dig it. And while that is certainly a metrialistic dependency sign, I’m okay with that. (defending myself by thinking that it would be much worse if I wasn’t painfully aware of these constant bombardments of lifestyle).

If you can’t beat them (and you can’t), join them. Ignore the shit and absorb the good stuff.

I mean whether or not you subscribe to the pop lifestyle, and I doubt most people would categorize me as subscribing to anything popular (except perhaps the XBox, which makes me unbelievably popular!) you have to acknowledge the style these directors and cinematographers have. In 3minutes 30 seconds flat they make you the most attractive man/woman in the world with whom any one of these pop stars (male or female!) is willing to have sex with you. And even better yet, you live with them in big mansions, drive ferrari’s and own big flat widescreen TV’s.

And as I am often reminded by Bjørn I’m a ‘damn artist’, so it’s no wonder that I’m drawn to these utterly stylistic pop videos where everything is metallic, shiny overbright, white, spartan and clean.

(No wonder as well that electronica appeals to me so much)

To nice thing about music videos is their use and throw away value. You watch them a few times and then forget about them again. Momentary pleasure with no commitment. This of course only works if you’re part of the crowd that understand what these videos are doing to you, if you have no idea you’ll probably end up buying boyband videos. It’s like the force that way, dark side is seductive if you haven’t been trained well :)

You should all have seen these, but let me just point you to Björk’s All is Full of Love and Röyksopp’s Remind Me video’s. Both amazing video’s and both in RealPlayer format. (no connection)

Aaah, stressfree life, fancy cars, hot chicks showing this and that, sunshine and easy streaks. Must surely be the fairytales of the 20th and 21st century if there ever were any.

We now return you to real life, please enjoy, no return guarantee.