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Star Wars Celebration Begins

The 30th anniversary of Star Wars is tomorrow, Friday the 25th of May. I’m bogged down in work, family responsibilities and K2ness, so I’m afraid I haven’t been able to deliver quite the ode to Star Wars I would have liked to, nor even sit down with some popcorn and A New Hope. Sorry for that; more for myself than for you.

But, what I can do though, is point you to some pretty cool things that are going on just now, in relation to Star Wars, and then hope against hope that I will have the time to write my appreciation piece as soon as possible. Most notably, you should check out the Lucas Online Celebration IV Blog as well as the accompanying Flickr stream which has some damn nice artful Vader helmets right now (some more shots of those, as done by The Vader Project).

Wired, which is quite Star Wars-centric when it comes down to it, has posted (and will be posting I think) several pieces. A look at Steve Sansweet’s comprehensive Star Wars collection, a look at the psychology of Anakin Skywalker, a word about 5-25-77, a documentary about ‘the first time’ and finally words from a guy who watches Star Wars for the first time ever (and has a few harsh words to throw its way, even if he does get Lucas’ best film wrong; if it isn’t Star Wars, it’s THX 1138, no competition :)).

And as a small bonus, I thought these papercraft AT-AT’s were pretty nice as well, even though I’m sick and tired of the papercraft this-and-that wave

PS: Yes, there is a European Celebration being held in London in mid-July! When is that Metallica concert I’m going to? Oh, that’s right, in mid-July… DOH!

PPS: If you come across some nice pieces, or if you write one yourself, let me know.

Update: I’m going to add stuff here as I come across it.