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As chronicled in the 5-part ‘nostalgia’ series (which I might add is way overdue for a hardcore editing procedure), I got my first modem quite early – possibly around 1994 or so – on loan from my grandad (a 1200 baud beauty). Back then, everything was gopher and Telnet. Pretty boring if you’re a teenager with a vivid imagination and Neuromancer on the nightstand…

It would be few years before the web as we know it today finally started to rear its head, and also a few years before I finally grasped the idea of the web and HTML (if it can be said that anyone actually has grasped the idea yet). In the meanwhile I ran a BBS / FidoNet node, pompously named The Gateway Experience. Great fun for a geeky teenager such as myself.

As is evident by you reading this, the web did eventually catch on, and I soon after did my very best to learn as much about it as I could (hell, I even went as far as to read books on the subject!)

So far, the end result is what you’re looking at now; Binary Bonsai. Getting here has taken quite a while, and not a small amount of teeth gnashing. Regardless, it is also fun and very rewarding!

Where am I going with this then? Well, over the last few days I’ve been consolidating the various CD backups of documents, websites, music, notes and what have you, onto my new 250GB disc. Cleaning up, getting rid of duplicates and most importantly, trying to figure out which parts are worth sharing. The intention with Binary Bonsai being of course, an attempt to document me and the things I do and have done. So in a sense, it would almost be a sham to not include these gems of the past.

Binary Bonsai as a site stretches back to early 2002 (so it will soon be entering its fourth year). The sites represented here cover the time before Binary Bonsai starter up; namely 2000, 1999 and 1997. My hope is to eventually tie all of these historic things together somehow; to create a nexus and a relationship between everything. A grand unified timeline of so far unseen egotistical proportions...

That said, it is worth noting that my efforts so far are primarily to preserve the past in whatever shape or form I can recover it in. This unfortunately often results in broken links, missing images and countless other glitches. I’m well aware of this, it just isn’t currently a priority.

What you might gain from these, I don’t know. But to me, these are priceless treasures of old. So without further nonsense, here is a walkthrough of the goods, in inverse chronology:

Karma’s Carnage 2000

Not entirely a blog, yet not entirely anything else either. This site lasted most of 2000 and by and large, it filled the same needs that Binary Bonsai now fulfills, leading me to wonder whether I should roll the news section into the archives…

I seem to remember having copied the small graphic snippets off of a theme of some kind, but I can’t remember what it exactly, only that it was called ‘Project 9’.

I’ve had some problems with Firefox (missing images, javascripts not working), but under Safari everything works great. I’m guessing it’s a problem with capital letters or something, I’ll have a look at it at some point in the future.

USCM Infestation 1999

As has previously been documented, I used to helm a Half-Life total conversion called USCM: Infestation. This is the external website that I came up with in an effort to gather everyone under one roof. Unfortunately it seems that I haven’t saved the updates to the site.

USCM Infestation (Development Site) 1999

In trying to build a better infrastructure in an otherwise entirely scattered group of people, I built this internal development site, where I would religiously update our development ‘bible’ and pry out info and screenshots from people to put up there.

mindLink(99) II Early 1999

Along with various friends, I helped organize a range of LAN parties back in the late 90’s. The last, and arguably most ambitious, was mindLink(99). A longer ‘nostalgia’ entry is to come at some point. This is the second version of our site, meant to help reinforce the unified ‘brand’ that we were trying to push. (Most of the stuff on the Mindlink sites is in Danish)

mindLink(99) Late 1998

This is the first Mindlink website. I didn’t actually do the design for this site, but I felt it pertinent that it be included with the other two mindLink sites.

The Aliens Tribute 1997

I remain quite a large fan of the Alien movies (all three of them), and I suppose something of a fanboy in general. So what would essentially be more natural, than to create a fansite?

To tell you the truth, I believe The Alien Tribute actually came pretty close to being of the premium Alien fansites back in its day. Which I suppose merely says something about the general quality of such geeky endeavors back then.

And that’s about that really. Now to line up the next line of nostalgia items.