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Christiania on the Menu

But Christiania sits on prime real estate in Copenhagen’s upmarket Christenhaven neighbourhood, and Denmark’s conservative government wants to reclaim the territory for an ambitious housing project. #

Yep, and while I certainly don’t concur with the methods taken into use by the anti-authoritarian youths as of late, our government definitely needs to ease up its normalization plan and lay off Christiania. Ungdomshuset was one thing; a big stupid mistake, but this is just petty, and is probably mainly fueled by their desire to be reelected by the—paradoxically—conservative part of the population.

It’s good to see that these things make waves out in the world; I just hope they don’t attract more ‘violence is the solution to eeeeverythiiiing’-kind of people.

But the clashes with the authorities changes in the attitudes of a traditionally tolerant Danish society. The current conservative government, for example, rules in coalition with the openly anti-immigrant Danish People’s Party.

Yes; I am sorry. No, I didn’t vote for them. Either of them.