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Comic Club: The Prophet

Alright, so I promised to get started on Comic Club quite a while back, but I never picked up the reins and got it going proper. Well, it’s never too late I hope.


A while back, I picked up the second album of The Prophet, a comic about a guy who gets mysteriously transported into the future, where he frolicks with demons and odd creatures in a rather spectacular post-apocalyptic world.

Unfortunately, the Danish translation—which is the one I’ve got—is piss-poor. I can’t compare it to the original version, but if that is even half as confusing and skin-deep in its character portrayals and story, I must weep. Hopefully it doesn’t have the text-spacing-errors or missing characters, and that in itself would be a ste up.

Too bad really, because it is really very very well done, with some awe-inspiring images of demon-like titans tearing New York to pieces, and oil tanker embedded in a skyscraper and so on and so forth. You can check out some sample pages I found online, though they’re all rather meager in comparison to the true money-shots in there.


Buy it to look at the pretties, but pay little attention to the slightly-cliché story of the ‘chosen one’, which so far hasn’t brought anything new to the table.