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Map of Copenhagen

I would estimate that, during my life, I have probably moved some 15-20 times. In the last 5 years alone, I have moved 7 times.

This is relevant how?

Observe the green dot on the map. This is where Rikke and I currently live. It’s Copenhagen Northwest, which for its reputation isn’t nearly is ‘rough’ as it should be, an overall a fairly nice place to live. We’ve lived here since February (I’d link the entry, but my archives are so fucked up that I can’t find it…), and by and large we’re happy here.

Now observe the turquis dot on the map. This is where Io Interactive is located. It takes me roughtly 40-50 minutes to get to work in the winter, when I take the bus. It’s not too bad. I get to read and listen to my iPod (I’ve recently taken up audiobooks), but it does indeed feel like a waste of time now and then.

Now observe the red dot. This is smack in the middle of Copenhagen, literally 30 seconds walk from everything.

Incidently this is where Rikke and I have been offered an apartment, slightly larger, slightly less costly than the one we’re currently in. Needless to say, we accepted ;) — We will be living underneath Rasmus and Anna Vera, two of our very good friends (I’ll let you throw a guess at how we otherwise would’ve gotten our hands onto an apartment that people would ostensibly kill to get) with one of Copenhagen’s most prominent comic and roleplaying shops as our neighbors and within easy walking distance of 4 cinema’s… It will take me literally less than 5 minutes to go to work in the morning and while this also means that I can use my bike the year around, we’ll be within 2 minutes walk of the three major transportation centers in greater Copenhagen. Oh, and there’s a park.

Any questions?

Yes, Tom? No Tom, the large red dot isn’t an alien craft hovering above the apartment building.