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Coppola to Brando

I guess that’s what this movie is really about. About facing the truth, and then rising beyond it. We will never get past Viet Nam if we sweep it under the carpet — we must face it, head on, as ugly and horryible as it will seem out in the open. And then by facing it, we can put it behind us. We do not have to feel guilty — guilt is a destructive emotion — we have only to judge ourselves, and go on. And we can’t beat ourselves to death about those contradictory parts of us: the fact that we want things the way we want them, the fact that we lust after things, and enjoy satisfying those lusts — even the lust to kill. The truth is that those things do exist — but in balance with instincts of tenderness, compassion, charity — The interesting thing about this character is that he is whole, he is irrational and rational all in one, and that is what people are like. #