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Science Fiction Friday

It’s friday once again, and here are trailers for science fiction movies that really wanted to be the caliph instead of the caliph (huh?)...

Leviathan. Released along with a slew of other underwater films in 1989. Most likely to feed off of the scraps from Cameron’s The Abyss, which was released in the same year. This however seems more like Alien or The Thing underwater. I don’t own this, though I wish I did.

Pay special attention to the trailer voice in that one. The good ‘ol trailer 80’s ‘shit-is-gonna-happen-yo!’ voice!

Update: Another film also released in 1989, which I never saw, was Deep Star Six. Featuring and even better trailerguy, Bob Morton (from Robocop) and one ugly rubbersuit!

Outland, which I bought it recently on DVD, and I can only sum up the impetus for this movie thusly: “Alien was truck drivers in space. Aliens was vietnam in space… What about a ‘high-noon western’ in space?!”. I think it actually makes use of set pieces from Aliens, kid you not…

Moon 44, which so wishes it was directed by James Cameron and art directed by Ridley Scott, and which is just through and through a pretty horrible movie (an anal rape scene in the showers?!... WTF!). I own it on VHS:

And as a special bonus, Nemesis, which tries to be Rambo II w. Blade Runner and über 80’s action mixed in, with a healthy layer of cheese for topping:

Oh hell, now that we’re at it, here’s Zardoz. A movie which doesn’t actually try to be anything in the known universe, let alone a movie!

Other honorable mentions include Return of the Jedi, which terribly wants to be A New Hope (even down to stealing the same damn McGuffin!) and Predator, which wants to be Aliens in the jungle… and gets away with it.

If we step out of the science fiction genre, Firebirds (can’t find a trailer anywhere) and Romancing the Stone (and The Mummy, King Solomon’s Mines and so on) would definitely be up there as well…

Now please, supply your own links in the comments.