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Death Proof in September?!

Momentum Pictures will release “Death Proof” in U.K. theaters on Sept. 21. A release date for “Planet Terror,” which will also go out via Momentum, has not yet been set. #

September. 21st. September… That’s, let me count here, one, two, a thousand years from now!

Now, I understand that Grindhouse failed miserably at the boxoffice, and I understand the need to do something about that. But September?! I’m guessing it has to do with getting mainland Europe primed for Death Proof or something like that, which is again, from a business standpoint, fair enough. But it sure does sucketh…

Me, I hope some renegade cinema in Copenhagen has luck in importing and showing Grindhouse in its entirety, start to finish. That, or the DVD gets released before the European premiere, and I import it.

If not, well… You have left me no other means Mr. Weinstein.