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Dinner for Five #50

I’ve mentioned Dinner for Five previously, as a really cool and clever concept, which basically has a bunch of interesting movie people, sitting around a table, shooting the shit.

Now the 50th and final episode, is available online at IFC’s site for a limited time (and it isn’t even premiering until tomorrow). Aside from Justin Long (who talks about being ‘Mac’) there’s also Vince Vaughn, who has been on the show before.

Click that link.

Do it!

While you can sample the show various places online, up until recently you were out of luck if you wanted the entire show. But Amazon has the whole shebang available. It’s not too expensive, but this is one of those shows I wish I could buy an episode at a time on iTS.

Oh wait, us Denmarkians can’t buy shows on iTS, can we? Or films? No, that’s right, we can’t…

Oh, no iPhone either.

Great. Now I’m crying. Look what you made me do!