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District 9

Like every sci-fi internet geek, I’ve been in love with Neill Blomkamp’s short films for years. I had high hopes for his Halo adaption, which unfortunately will never see the light of day now. But, at least he got to make District 9, which I just saw today, and which almost makes up for the loss of Halo.

I’ve got little else to add to what every other reviewer has said, except that it was a great film from start to finish, even though I would personally have liked some more characterizations of the bad guys, than the at times over-much action scenes. It’s not that I dislike the action scenes, but the the soldiers taking pleasure in the misery of the prawns, the cold and cynical corporation heads; these people very much exist in the real world, and especially with the commercialization of war in Iraq, their motives, other than the fairly 2 dimensional stuff the film serves up, would have been a great addition to an already very relevant film.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some packing to do.