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Donner's Superman II!

Now here’s an interesting piece of news about Superman, which aligns itself with previous rumors:

“Time Warner now owns all of the footage shot for 1978’s “Superman”, 1980’s “Superman II”, 1983’s “Superman III”, 1984’s “Supergirl”, and 1987’s “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace” including distribution rights.” #

This is great news for a number of reasons, but the most important one is:

“The biggest revelation of the interview concerns plans for “Superman II”. Scenes shot by fired director Richard Donner (who directed “Superman: The Movie”), including all of Brando’s work for the second film, may finally see the light of day. “There will be a Donner cut [of “Superman II”] from what I hear,” Salkind said. “There will apparently be an original cut with the original music and more stuff.” Whether the extra footage will be presented as an alternative version of the film or included as a supplement has not yet been determined.” #

The problem with the extra Donner footage, including the Brando stuff, is:

“Obviously we will get something but sources at the studio mentioned awhile back that not everything has been accounted for and there are concerns about the quality.” #

I’ve got various bootlegs of the Superman movies, but the quality stinks as they’re old TV rips.

Incidently, the version I have, is the version which was once available for download, though sadly it’s not quite as easily obtainable any more. But I’m sure if you poke around a bit you might be able to find it.

Nonetheless, The Digital Bits (whose site is ancient and doesn’t have proper permalinks) seem to think that:

By far the best news in all this, is that it seems that Warner is FINALLY allowing Richard Donner to create his original director’s cut of Superman II! How damn cool is that?! As many of you know, Donner directed Superman: The Movie and most of Superman II back to back, but was eventually fired from the sequel. Director Richard Lester was hired to replace him, and it’s Lester’s cut of the film that we’ve seen all these years. What’s cool is that Lester’s theatrical cut of the film is being given special edition treatment as well, so you’ll be able to fully explore BOTH versions of Superman II on DVD this summer. #

This would definitely be great news if it turns out to be true.