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Doom 3 (2004)

Doom 3

It sure is dark. Wow, it looks amazing. Cool menu system, and wow, they have an equally cool menu system in-game! Wow, when I shoot this guy he fizzles and burns up! Holy fuck that is cool! What now? Oh, I guess I’ll walk down here. Hmm, kinda dark. Nice freckin’ glass effects! Uh, some ammo, an armor and a new weapon. Take that you fiend! Can’t see, must switch to flashlight. Fuck it’s dark! Guess I’ll walk this way then… Yeah, more… ehm, hellspawn or whatever. Hm, new weapon. How do you like them apples you fat zombie fuck?!... Hmm, out of ammo. Back to the shotgun again I suppose. Man it’s dark.

I don’t know who built this Mars colony, but it sure is no wonder that these people invited demons in here, I mean who wouldn’t, living in a tincan? Hmm, these Imps are getting moronically boring now, I wonder if anything new is ever going to happen?

Nope. Nothing ever does.