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Driving Home For Christmas

Crossing Denmark yesterday, utilizing my new mad driving skills, inevitably lead me to feel a little like this:

Since I got my driver’s license I’ve only driven a few times, and only for fairly short stretches at a time (and often with the owner of the car next to me, terrified of their own impending dooms and scratches in their fine paintjobs), so it was a great relief to almost literally get to drive the length of Denmark yesterday, as we made our yearly trip home for Christmas.

Now, think what you want about speed limits—even I think some of them are a bit on the conservative side—but it struck me just how insanely some people drive! There we are on the freeway, passing a truck on the outside, doing 140km/h (that’s 10km/h above the limit by the way), and this Audi comes burning right up my ass, can’t have been more than a meter or two from me, as he starts flashing his lights; I’m pretty sure I could see him mouthing: “Get the fuck out of the way asshole”. Two-lane freeway, truck on right, a novice driver doing 140km/h… You’d think he could wait a few seconds, right?

Most freeway stretches in Denmark are two-lane, which I discovered is quite useless, as the inner lane is filled with trucks, campers, cars with trailers and people afraid of reaching top-speeds, while the outer track is filled with people doing 160km/h, come hell or high water; which of course leaves people like me, who try to stick by the rules (partly because I don’t want a ticket and partly because I’m in a rental, and possibly because I value my life), bobbin’ and weavin’ in-between the two lanes to accomodate everyone else.

In another instance, we were coming up on a intersection, which had a left-turn lane branching out a few meters ahead, for which I was aiming. Just as I blink and start heading into it, some a-hole decides that since that lane is currently unoccupied, in spite of everyone else’s safety, road markings, about a stack of laws and all common sense, he might as well overtake everyone at top speed so he can make that turn before the lights go from yellow to green.

What is everyone’s hurry? Half a second later and I would have banked straight into him! What could possibly be so goddamn important that he had to risk the safety of everyone else in that intersection’s to get there in time?

Driving fast is fun, sure, but man… If it hadn’t been yule day, I’d have uttered a sentence or two involving strangulation, water boarding and Brazillian neck-ties.

Aaaaanyway, I still don’t like diesel’s, and I dream of the days when I get to drive automatic with cruise-control (my poor ankle is wasted from yesterday), but driving is good fun; I like it and have come to feel quite safe doing it in a very short time.

So, have a good yule tide, and I’ll see you on the flip.