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Dunstan's Time Since 1.0

Having drawn on Brian’s PHP expertice, Dunstan’s Time Since plugin, which I adapted for WordPress a little while ago, is now finally 1.0 (having been beta until now).

The only fix since beta, is that now it should properly detect the time zone of WordPress, finally getting rid of the -1 year, 12 months thing.

Instructions are inside the PHP file, merely copy and paste the code snippets and you should be good to go.

Please direct support questions to the flickr group and your gratitude towards Dunstan.

Dunstan’s Time Since 1.0 as Zip

Install by saving the file as timesince.php and uploading it to the wp-content/plugin folder. Then go to you to Admin -> Plugins, and you activate it. You’re looking for something that looks like this.

PS: If you’re interested in Dunstan’s Time of Day code, then it’s also out as a WordPress plugin.

Fix for some people