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Entourage, Heroes and Lost

Warning: If you follow Heroes, Entourage or Lost and you aren’t up to date, turn around and go about your business, because here be spoilers.

So, Rikke and I have been following Heroes since it opened this season. Rikke was pretty into it, though it never got hold of me nearly as much as Battlestar or Lost. But it is nonetheless a rather entertaining show and I enjoy it nonetheless.

But I must admit I was quite disappointed by this week’s finale; I mean, what was that? I understand that Malcolm McDowell and Adrian Pasdar probably only had one-season contracts, but with Sylar being the least interesting of the villains (and potential villain), having him drag himself into a sewer and survive seems like a damn cop-out if you ask me.

All season, in every episode they have been waving the ‘New York devastated by nuclear blast’ in our faces, and what do we get? A light in the sky and sobby strings lamenting the loss (or potential loss) of some characters that never really got the chance to show their true worth.

That I could have lived with though, if it wasn’t for the flat sensation left behind by all the twists and turns the story tried to take us through in the last two episodes. None of which managed, in my humble opinion, to be dramatic or cliffhanger-ish in the slightest.

All in all, too bad; around the time where Noah got shot to protect his daughter; I was all in. The 5-years-in-the-future episode? All in. So you’d think I was set up to really enjoy the finale… guess not.

And with Entourage also slowly sagging its ass into plot-plot-plot (it being by far at its best when its character-character-character) and episode on episode about that stupid film they want to make, which I don’t even know how to spell, it’s looking grim. Surprisingly, and scarily perhaps, their season break is allegedly a mere two weeks! I hope they roll back on the plot, dial up the Ari’ness and concern themselves more with the characters in the coming season or else…

As for Lost, I just hope the finale will live up to my expectations! For a few episodes earlier this season, I was afraid it was beginning to slow down as well, but then it picked up steam and just started surging ahead. And if the last several episodes are any indication (and since it’s a TV series I’m guessing it is), the two-hour finale will be a blast!

With the days numbered on both Battlestar (thank you!) and Lost—which in turn is also going down to 16 episodes a season, which is a good thing—I’m thinking that TV series as a medium is making serious strides towards encroaching on Hollywood territory.