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Wake up Neo. The Matrix has you.

“[...] in over 20,000 theaters, in over 100 territories around the world, people are watching the third and final chapter in the Matrix trilogy. “

Will everyone please take a moment to do what I failed to do? Read the date above this entry. It should say the 5th. What happens on the 5th? The Matrix Revolutions is realeased, that’s what happens!

What date did I think it was?... The 4th, that’s right. So I was happily trucking along, went down and bought a new coat for myself (long overdue) and Rikke indulged herself in a new laserprinter. We went shopping for food and finally headed home (and bumped into an old friend/boss) to see my PDA blinking…

And now I’m just not ready to watch Matrix Revolutions!! I was going to watch all the other 3 DVD’s between now and tomorrow evening, wallow in all it’s goodness and get myself superhyped… Alas, now all I have time for is some spaghetti and out the door we go.

I was also going to do a little surprise for you all tonight, alas there is no time for that and we’ll see whether I’ll want to do it tomorrow.