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Fantasy Junction

Fantasy Junction

When Rasmus and I went to visit Pixar in May, 2005, we happened upon a car dealership of sorts, Fantasy Junction, just down the road from Pixar’s HQ (luckily, taxi’s are impossible to get from the sidewalk in Oakland).

They were incredibly sweet and let us walk freely amongst these insanely expensive and positively steamingly hot cars, despite our rugged looks and Danish demeanor.

The reason I’m mentioning this now, is that in the CARS video podcast (xml) episode from the 16th called ‘Talkin’ Cars’, Jay Ward (whom we met while at Pixar, seemed like a standup guy) and some dude from an auto magazone visit Fantasy Junction and check out the cars.

And yeah, I’m all won over for Cars, it looks awesome. It’s beaaautiful.

Anyway, I put together a Fantasy Junction Flickr set (nice new organizr by the way), I would’ve liked to have taken some more shots in there, but this is what it amounted to.