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I linked to it on the sidebar a while ago (I might even have mentioned it in the blog main), but it’s time for me to make sure the message gets across properly. What is the message?


Thaaat’s right. Feed-Demon. And what does it do? It eats RSS feeds (what’re those?) for breakfast, that’s what! If you read more than a few blogs a day I can’t emphasize the ease that FeedDemon will bring into your life :) — I currently check some 80-or-so blogs and about 20-30 ‘links’-feeds plus some 40 tech, news and nerd sites. And all in all it takes me about half an hour max. to walk through all of it.

Give it a try, you can even borrow my RSS blog feed and my RSS comments feed (and of course my referrer feed).

You’ll love it I’m sure!

FYI: It’s still in beta, but except for a group-deletion bug I haven’t had any problems.

Now if only every site had RSS feeds my life would be a lot easier (hint hint, nudge nudge :))