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Follow-up on Half-Life 2 source code leak

Half-Life 2 LogoThe Guardian has some follow-up on the Half-Life 2 sourcecode arrests:

“Investigations are continuing, with those involved found to have links with similar crimes. Valve is preparing to sue the hackers for damages, while working towards an end-of-summer release date for Half-Life 2 – widely considered the most anticipated shooter in PC gaming history.”

Normally I wouldn’t really want to mention this, if it wasn’t that I had covered it rather comprehensively when it first hit the net. And also, I wanted to just take the time out of my schedule to address a little something, namely the FBI Cybercrime Task Force...

Cybercrime… Cyber… Not only is it so cheesy it hurts my head, but you can’t even use the word ‘cyber’ in that way! It’s not a catch-all term for the Internet or technology dammit! (here’s why)