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Friday. Thank Diety.

It’s Friday again, and the doctor prescribes power-pop/rock!

First a double-punch.

In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins. Fucking. Amazing. Track. Still works for me every time. Great album by the way. The only thing wrong with this version is that it isn’t 15 minutes long, devolving into a crazy jam-session… But that can be said for most music I guess.

Take Me Home by Phil Collins as well. Another fantastic track from back when pop wasn’t bleh. This is a guilty pleasure during bachelor weekends and into-the-night coding sessions. Yes, I have been known to sing along, so sue me!

U2’s Electrical Storm, one of my favorite U2 songs. Still gives me shivers. (video directed by Anton Corbijn)

Queen with White Queen from their second album, Queen II. One of my absolute most favorite albums ever! Granted, the quality is a bit low on this ’75 live recording, but I just need to play something from this album for you.

Metallica with Fuel from the S&M collaboration with Michael Kamen. One of the best tracks from that double album (which rocks!)

And fuck it, just because we have A tickets (all of which were sold out in 30 seconds!), here’s another fantastic track from that same album. No Leaf Clover.

And to send you on your way, AC/DC with Thunderstruck.

See you on the flip side.

Update: How can I post power-pop/rock without having ten Tears for Fears videos on here?! Man, I loves me some Tears for Fears! So, as a special bonus price for being you, here is Head over Heels.