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Gibson, Cyberpunk, Shadowrun

If you’re a roleplayer, and we’re talking pen and paper here, then you should know that realistically there are two main cyberpunk RPG’s. There’s Cyberpunk 2020 and Shadowrun. And they’re both very similar and very very different at the same time.

Not going into game mechanics (as I don’t know the new editions of SR all that well), I was always a CP2020-guy, though I have been known to have both played and GM’d SR at times (though it’s a long time ago now!).

CP2020 is the more vanilla cyberpunk game. It deals with guns, cyberspace, corporations and lots and lots of metal under your skin. SR has a fantasy twist going on, elves, trolls, orcs, dragons, magic and so on has been unleashed in what is essentially a CP2020 world.

I always liked the playin CP2020 more, but I think that might mainly have been due to my inability to come up with interesting ways of using these fantasy elements in my games.

Now it seems Gibson has a thing or two to say (well just one actually) about SR which confirms that I should stick with CP2020 ;)

Oh yeah, CP2030 has been in the works for years and years, I wonder if Pondsmith is ever going to come around to releasing it. It’s like the Duke Nukem Forever of the RPG world.