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Got Gmail?

GmailWe have, at work, what I can only refer to as a ‘somewhat paranoid’ IT department. And God bless them, we wouldn’t want another Half-Life 2 like sourcecode leak or anything. But it does lay out a couple of bumps in the road from time to time. Take my mail for instance. I can’t communicate with external mailservers. So whenever I lug my Powerbook to work, I’m unable to send or receive mail from it, which is most annoying, as it pretty much serves as my communication nexus to the world!

Currently I have a number of active and semi-active mail accounts. Mostly I use my Binary Bonsai account, which works great. But with Gmail having now finally been brought into the grown up world of POP3 access, perhaps now is a good time to reassess whether I should be using a webmail solution for my mail. This way, I can send and receive mail from anywhere, as well as through the mail app of choice. And with Google’s notifier app, I can even feel at home while working.

But before I go through the ordeal of letting everyone in the world know that I have changed my address, I want to just send out a ping to see if any of you have any experiences with Gmail you’d like to share?