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In preparing the John Carter chapter of my A Hero is Born Series, I came across this bit on page 104 of Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Man Who Created Tarzan, my copy printed in 1975:

Ed left Sears, Roebuck in August 1908, and the card he sent to Emma from South Bend, Indiana, shortly afterward indicates that he was preparing for some new enterprise or engaged in making contacts or purchases for his partnership with Dentzer. Dated September 15, 1908, the card was addressed to Emma at 197 Park Avenue. It reads: "This isn't a half bad little town. Haven't accomplished much yet. Not even my lunch -- 12:15 p.m." On the same date he sent little Joan a card containing one word: "Google."

Obviously the dear Mr. Burroughs knows more than he let on (and he let on quite a bit).