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Google Reader exposes hypocrites

Rikke and I both use Google Reader and its share items freely, not only with each other, but in my case also with the general public. As it turns out, the new ‘Friend’s Shared Items’ is being scorned by a range of people, one of who even goes so far as to say it has ‘RUINED CHRISTMAS’ for him and his family.

The problem arises when items are shared using under the new feature, they automatically become available to any of your gmail contacts who are also Google Reader users. And there is no way to disable the new feature, or indeed manage the contacts that can make use of it.

This has caused something of an outcry (via Gruber), where at least one user goes so far as to exclaim this feature as having RUINED CHRISTMAS for my family!.

Give me a break.

I have no delusions of being able to turn the tide on this trend. But since it was brought home to me in extraordinary fashion in the past few months, just how reactionary people become when they’re given the channels to do so, at least I can raise a flag of dissent, and hope to be heard.

Gruber doesn’t think it’s a good idea to turn Google Reader into ‘a sort social site’. I disagree. I make good use of it, and while being able to manage who of your contacts are able to follow your shares, or the simpler solution, being able to turn off the feature entirely, is of course a needed option.

But you have to be something of a nincompoop, to point your finger at Google for ruining Christmas, when the real problem in fact, is hiding your true colors behind white lies and hopes of ignorance, lacking the courage of your your own convictions.

Or, you simply fail to understand, that on the intarwebs, nothing remains secret forever.

Security through obscurity.

Lo and behold, they fixed it.