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Habari Media Manager Sketch

Alright, I wasn’t planning on posting this just yet, but since I won’t have proper time to work on it for the next few days, my lack of patience got the better of me.

Now it is important to note that this isn’t even a mockup as much as it is a sketch (albeit rather a polished one). There is some functionality missing and so on and so forth.

First up is the edit page with the media manager closed. As you can see, I also put in Flickr and Youtube as similar services to hook into. However, the media manager itself is meant to be a way to manage your local files (images, video, audio primarily I think).

Habari - ClosedMedia Manager - Sketch

Click the My Media tab, and the page splits open, revealing the media manager underneath. The rest of the admin is obviously better off being centered and fixed width, but the media manager gets the benefits of ‘stretching from ear to ear’.

Habari - Open Media Manager - Sketch

A quick quick quick walkthrough of what I like to call a ‘feature-rich environment’:

  1. You can filter, sort and search your media library.
  2. Uploading takes place in the same area, I’m working on that stuff now.
  3. It is 100% of the browser width to give you more space.
  4. Like the textarea, you can resize the preview shelf, by grabbing the handle underneath the scrollbar.
  5. Double clicking a media preview, rolls out a small editing pane next to the image where you can edit title, desc. & tags.
  6. You add media to the content area by dragging and dropping.
  7. You should hopefully be able to preview audio and video. Audio is easy, video, not so much…
  1. There will be more stuff :)

And that’s what I’ve been up to in Habari. I’m pouring some of the stuff I work on into a flickr set, and of course both mine, Khaled’s and any other volounteers discuss all of this on the mailing list (and here is the thread for the above sketches).

And no, it won’t be coming to a Habari installation near you in the near future. In fact, I think I probably caused a few gray hairs in the Habari coders when they saw this. But it’s doable, and I’ll gladly chip in with my own meager skills.

Ideas, suggestions and what not are of course very welcome