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Halo 2 Leaked

Halo 2

So the other day, I read a small quip about a French version of Halo being leaked onto the net. And I’m not sure how to relate to that… I mean, on one hand it’s no surprise. Ever since I was ye tall (motions with hand), games have been leaked this way and that. It’s common knowledge that anything and everything will be cracked and warezed, it’s only a matter of time.

But 30 full days before the game is released? It would break my heart.

Luckily, it’s ‘only’ the French version of the game. Hopefully that’ll deter some people. Now if the rest will just be so kind as to keep their mouths shut about the storyline…

The first Halo, which I played through on the Xbox, where it’s supposed to be played, is easily one of the best games I’ve ever played. Sure it has repetitive parts, but even those were leagues better than most games out there today. And I hold Bungie in the highest respect for having the guts to put together a great science fiction tale, complete with mysterious librarians, AI’s, alien invasions and do it in a manner that didn’t require the player to ‘go along’ with the weak elements of the story (Unreal 2, I’m looking at you!).

Either way, today GameSpot had picked up the story, and in their piece noted that:

“It should be noted that players who download the game illegally could face a maximum penalty of $100,000 per instance for copyright violations. “We consider downloading this code or making it available for others to download as theft,” the statement continues.”


Now, one thing is the guy who decided to leak it in the first place, and the people who have decided to give their lives to spreading warez. But if they are seriously threatning people who download Halo 2, with a fine of $100.000… Well then they’re just coo-coo.