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Halo 3. We Can Do Better.

“We did $125 million last time,” said Microsoft director of creative marketing Chris Di Cesare, who oversaw much of the second installment’s launch. “We’re confident we can do better.” #

Arrogant much?

The Halo-craze is… well, crazy. Have you seen all the merchandise out there already? I mean, a Halo 3 Zune? Who the fuck wants that (a Zune that is)? And just how riled up can a fanbase get, over something as ‘meh’, as the showing of the Halo 3 flamethrower?

Microsoft is really pushing Halo 3 down our throats, to such an extent, I actually feel dirty for wanting to play it. After all, I loved the first one and was so hyped for the second one, only to be severely burnt by what was—and Bungie admitted this openly in Edge—an unfinished and very lacking game. Talk about wasted potential.

So the question is, is Microsoft ready to acknowledge that mistake? I’m betting that they are. Otherwise they would most likely face an exodus of Bungie employees (they might already have, I don’t know). And the ‘Halo 3 will be released on the day the PS3 is release’ sort of went the way of the dodo, all of which is pointing towards a lesson learned.

There’s certainly a community for it, but still; the might of the MS franchising department makes me feel as if the predatory gaze of Microsoft eyes me, and in best road-runner-style, a stuffed wallet is superimposed over my face.

Just dirty.

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