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Hohoho, now I have a blog!

Okay, so now I have a blog… so what? Well I’m not sure. I guess so nothing. I don’t have anything major to bitch about at the moment, nothing out of the ordinary anyway. The ordinary being Bush and Iraq (or just Bush), the world and Iraq, Hollywood, the BBFC (I fucking detest the BBFC!), the lack of interest in Equilibrium by the critics, the lack of the original Star Wars trilogy on DVD and Indiana Jones as well…

But those have all been beaten to death already, either by me or someone much more competent over at Kuro5hin, so I’ll just mind my mouth and let you read through that stuff instead :)

To any friends and relatives keeping up with the vitals from abroad: I hope you’re doing well, I understand the weather is just as good in Denmark as it is here in Scotland. Now get out in the good weather instead of continually roasting your brain in front of your CRT monitors!... What?... Me? No, I was built for in-door use only :)

So anyway, update on the projects:

WWII Dog-Fight Animation
Work is going well. I’ve finished (more or less) the P-51D Mustang, and I’m finishing the Bf 109 G-10 texture this weekend. Next week is all about storyboarding and putting together the scene and also testing the explosion and fire effects a bit more to make sure everything is ready for the final push the week after where everthing is going to be animated.

Baucis: The Tears
The updated version of my Virtual Environments university project, which is slated for some kind of exhibition down in London (at the ICA) is in the works as well. Deadline is end of the month… I need to get a move on, render times are horrendous!

Character Animation
University character animation projects, one in Maya and one in 3ds max. The Maya one is going well, work will continue on that until late May. The max one hasn’t been started yet. I will be doing that one over Easter.

I made an update about Equilibrium (a kick-ass movie in case you were wondering), last night that you might’ve missed unless you were fast, so go read that while you’re procrastinating anyway…

That’s all for now. Welcome to my new blog.