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How John Carter Was Doomed by Its First Trailer

Vulture has learned that it was in fact John Carter director Andrew Stanton — powerful enough from his Pixar hits that he could demand creative control over trailers — who commandeered the early campaign, overriding the Disney marketing execs who begged him to go in a different direction. “This is one of the worst marketing campaigns in the history of movies,” a former studio marketing chief told Vulture before the film opened. “It’s almost as if they went out of their way to not make us care.”

I have to say, I was optimistic for a long time about Carter, but that was inarguably a horrendous marketing effort. But it's not like the film itself wasn't somewhat unfocussed and bland. A damn shame too; as it plunges into the abyss, it probably takes with it any hope of a space opera revival in the cinema. That said, I actually thought that the teaser trailer was the highlight of the marketing campaign.