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Humanized's Enso and Stuff

The guys at Humanized, whom I’ve mentioned before, have been gradually updating Enso and releasing a range of new plugins, like media remote and search. If you’re caught on Windows, definitely check them out.

Also head on over and check out the easy undo and transparent messages vs. dialog’s articles both of which are influencing my future plans for K2.

Which, on a sidenote, reminds me how much I enjoy it when companies like Humanized (or Panic for that matter) take time to publish thoughtful material like that.

I promised a while back to buy Enso if it fell below $20; but even though I don’t have that much use for it due to the way I work on my Windows machine, I’m willing to pay for Enso to support their company just for their ‘extracurricular’ activities.

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