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I Fell in to a Red Ring of Death

My 360 died and all I got was this damn t-shirt I didn’t get no stinkin’ t-shirt.

It’s quite amazing really; I’m struggling trying to think of anyone I know—anyone—who haven’t had their 360 die on them. And I work for a computer games company. I know a few people.

So far? I can’t think of any.

It’s quite sad really. That little thing has quite a few great games going for it, not to mention a killer networking service. But the build-quality (and the menu system)... What were they thinking?

Aside from ‘maximize profit!’ of course…

Before I bought a PS3 for our new Bravia 40W3000, I swore I’d never get a PS3. But then I really wanted to watch HD movies, and I didn’t particularly trust in HD-DVD (wise choice it turns out), so I got myself the cheapest Blu-Ray player on the market; the PS3.

And now that I have it, I’m forced to admit: it might not have as good a lineup of games, but it puts the 360 to shame in almost every other department.

Not only does its otherwise rather peculiar design—aside from the the still horrible Spider-man font—put the white plastic and faux chrome of the Xbox to shame. It’s quiet, plays HD-content, comes with HDMI, wifi and bluetooth out of the box and the menu system so fits the Bravia that it would be a shame, and possibly a crime in some countries, not to pair the two.

Oh, and it doesn’t have a power brick the size of Nebraska.

Sure, it still doesn’t support HDMI-CEC (or Sony’s own TheatreSync, which is AFAIK, largely the same thing), but it runs Linux for crying out loud!

The 360? Not so much. In fact, I can’t even bring myself to watch DVD’s on it, because it’s so damn noisy. Desecrate Kubrick by having the decibel-equivalent of a vacuum cleaner right there in the room with you? I think I’ll just go right ahead and pass.

My old Xbox? The one I’ve had chipped, broken open countless times, changed the HDD over and over again and which has been running Xbox Media Center for over 5 years?

Still running without a hitch.