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I Named Her Monolith

It’s true, I did. And this is where I would cue the dissonant choral music that builds to the crescendo of civilization taking a step up the ladder; which, by the way, had Rikke trying so very hard to suppress her laughter at its pompousness… Foiled, again!

These things are hard to gauge, and even perhaps overly self-centered, at least by Danish standards. But between Kubrick, through various endeavors, like the Latest Comments plugin and Live Archives (and its successor) and up to K2, I hope my time in the world of blogging has left a mark of some kind; an echo of sorts, for low-level interaction designers, like myself, to not merely lemming their way through the craft, even if it’s on a hobby-level.

That’s one thing I believe. Another thing, is putting my money where my mouth is. For one thing, that’s why I spent 3 years working on K2. And also, it’s why I’ve been involved on or off, with interaction design for what I think is a contender for the crown of the open source blogging systems throne; Habari.

The process has been a long haul, as these things often are, especially when everyone is intensely invested, wanting only for the end-product to shine. And admittedly, it hasn’t been without its fair share of frustration, for those exact same reasons.

To cut a lon… a few weeks back, I went AWOL and started crunching away on a complete design for the administration interface for Habari, in an effort to create a set of blueprints, from which this thing can be built in proper.

And though it was an exhausting project, which has no doubt left Rikke in need of some much-deserved TLC, and my stylus-wrist in need of some R&R and perhaps a bit of ointment, I feel pretty good about it right now.

I’ve put together the following 18-minute screencast, in which I in a drowsy, recorded-at-different-times and with a horribly accented voice, walk you through the entire thing from start to finish. For further entertainment, check out the flickr set and the Human Interface Guidelines.

(For those keeping track: To differentiate former design efforts from one another—the old ones being Space Odyssey and Idocto—this one is code-named Monolith)

Fullsize Monolith Screencast

Or, you can view it on Viddler, though the audio isn’t nearly as well sync’d.


There’s so much more I’d like to say, but it’s all details. Most importantly, understand that this isn’t finished; it’s merely been abandoned in favor of the next step.

My plan is to develop this separately from Habari itself, and once it’s in a workable state, to offer it as a sacrifice to the mighty Habari core and then cross my fingers that it is wanted and welcomed.

This is also the first time since early January that I’ve enabled comments. Make me proud!